Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment? How is 4-rooted Tooth Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal treatment is essential and one of the procedures that the dentist should perform very carefully. This treatment is used to treat caries in the dental pulp tissue that provides blood and nerve support to the tooth or to treat infection caused by some injuries.

When an infection occurs in the tooth, the patient does not feel any pain or ache in the first place. In some patients, cariosity can be observed. In this case, it can be understood that the nerves in the tooth are entirely dead. In such a case, the root canal should be started immediately.

What is Root Canal Treatment? How to Do Root Canal Treatment?

When root canal treatment is mentioned, patients are very nervous at first. However, since local anaesthesia is applied, it is impossible to feel pain. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of. Root canal treatment can be listed as follows;

  • Before starting the root canal process, the patient is given local anaesthesia. In this way, the tooth and surrounding tissues are anaesthetized.
  • After the numbing process is completed and the patient feels nothing, it is time to clean the bruise. Root canals are opened when the caries are cleaned.
  • Afterwards, the length of the canal is determined by taking an x-ray.
  • The pulp tissue in the root canals is removed and cleaned.
  • Root canals are shaped by using the necessary materials.
  • Afterwards, the root canals are disinfected. Thus, the area is purified from microorganisms.
  • Finally, the root canals are filled, and the process ends.

Root canal treatment is usually completed in a single session. However, treating some infected teeth may take more than one session per the dentist’s decision. Thanks to this treatment, although the tooth is lifeless, it can stand firmly in the patient’s mouth.

1 – How Painful Is Root Canal Treatment?

It is also a topic that is wondered whether the pain will be felt after the treatment. It is natural to feel tenderness and slight discomfort after the treatment. Patients who feel pain after the treatment do not need to worry because this condition is usually temporary, no pain will be felt after two days, and the tooth will be used comfortably.

Patients who do not want to experience pain within two days can use the painkiller prescribed by the doctor. If the pain and sensitivity continue after two days and increase gradually, it is helpful to consult a doctor.

2 – How to Understand Failed Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment success rate is approximately 90 per cent. If pulp tissue remains in any root during the treatment, leakage of microorganisms may be encountered. This situation causes pain during the use of the tooth. It is understood that root canal treatment was also unsuccessful.

3 – Is Root Canal Treatment Done Again?

If necessary, the root canal can be renewed. If there is an error or deficiency, it can be restored. With this process, the old dental filling is removed. The canal in the tooth is reshaped and sprayed. Then it is filled again.

If there is no result after this procedure, surgical intervention known as stem cell resection is required. In this process, the stem cell is reached. The reached area and its surroundings are cleaned by surgical intervention. In multi-rooted teeth, the infected root is removed. If this procedure does not help, the tooth must be extracted.

4 – How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

The duration of the root canal procedure may vary depending on the tooth’s and the patient’s condition. But it is usually a procedure that can be handled in a single session. The session also lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. In some cases, the process may take two sessions.

During root canal treatment, the patient usually feels no pain or pain because the physician applies local anaesthesia before starting the treatment. Teeth that need root canal treatment should be treated as soon as possible because if it is not done, caries progresses further and may lead to tooth loss. For this reason, it is essential to consult a physician as soon as pain is felt.

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