Face Lift

Face lift surgery is applied to eliminate the deformation on the face due to advancing age. At advanced ages, sagging occurs due to lack of collagen on the face, excessive use of mimics and sun effects. Due to the sagging, an aged appearance appears in which the skin slides downwards. However, the situation can be reversed with surgery.

The face is perhaps one of the areas that a person sees the most every day. After 25, some changes can be observed in the face area. This situation is due to decreased collagen production. Therefore, in such cases, you can apply the face lift procedures if necessary.

What is a Face Lift?

As the name suggests, a face lift is a method that makes the skin appear more voluminous and tight, with the change created in the skin texture of the face. Also, face lift  is one of the most frequently applied methods within aesthetic surgery because the most significant changes and effects due to ageing occur on the face.

Today, facelift surgery is performed in two different ways, depending on the face structure of the person. The face lift method is preferred depending on the interpretation of the aesthetic surgeon at this point and the sagging condition of the patient’s face. After giving pre- and post-operative information and deciding, the procedure’s day of surgery is provided.

1- How is Face Lift Performed?

Although getting rid of facial sagging is tempting due to advancing age and excessive sun exposure, its application carries certain risks. As with any surgery, it is essential to accept the risks of this surgery and put it into practice. Depending on the method to be chosen during the application, the paths are followed.

If no excess skin is sagging, mini face lift  is applied with an endoscope. Tiny incisions are made from the roots of the hair, and tension is created on the skin together with the cameras. If the sagging is versatile and wide, thin incisions are made from the front to the back of the ear. Skin tissues are tightened under these cuts.

2- To Whom Is Face Lift Surgery Applied?

It can be applied to almost anyone in the middle adult age who does not like the appearance of their face. It is not intended for a specific gender but can also be applied to men, especially women. It is considered appropriate to apply to people who do not have particular health problems. As a result of the examinations made by the surgeon, it can generally be used by everyone.

The aesthetic surgeon will do the necessary research on the pre-surgical fit of the face lift and will inform you about it. The procedure is carried out healthily to people who have completed the age of eighteen and do not pose a general disability.

3- What Should Those Who Have to Face Lift Pay Attention To?

Smoking is not recommended before and after face lift process. Smoking has significant adverse effects not only on surgery but also on your skin. Apart from these, taking a shower or touching the water is forbidden until the stitches are removed. At the same time, make-up needs to be interrupted for a certain period.

One of the biggest enemies of the skin and the operation area is sun rays. Under no circumstances should it be exposed to direct sunlight. However, it should not be used in humid and hot environments such as solariums or baths. The more attention is paid to the diet, the faster the recovery rate after surgery will be.

4- Is Surgery Necessary After Lifting the Face?

Compared to non-surgical methods, surgical face and neck lift procedures are more permanent. However, although the face lift surgery has a high permanence, the face may sag a little more over time as the ageing process continues. Face lift surgery may be required at this stage.

5- How Long Does a Face Lift Last?

Since the face changes over time, the permanence of the face lift is limited to a specific time. In general, if a suitable surgery is performed on the skin tissue, it is possible to talk about the permanence of the surgery for up to ten years. However, choosing the correct physician and clinic at this stage is necessary.

6- How Much Does It Cost to Lift Your Face?

Face lift in Turkey prices varies depending on the area and size of the application. If other procedures (botox, filling, etc.) are to be performed together with the face lift, the cost is calculated accordingly. Depending on the method chosen under the doctor’s supervision, the patient is informed about the price.

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