Face Fillers

Face fillers are a common aesthetic procedure  applied by also men, especially women. This procedure is not an aesthetic surgery. On the contrary, it is applied with injectors. In face fillers treatment, with the help of a needle, materials are transferred to the area that needs to be applied to the face. Thanks to this transferred substance, a change in the desired direction occur on the person’s face.

What is Aesthetic Face Fillers?

Face fillers, since there is also a dental procedure with the same name, it can often create confusion. However, the scope of this procedure, which is realized in the aesthetic department and applied by the aesthetic specialist, is very different. The procedure’s primary purpose is to eliminate the destruction that occurs due to the lack of collagen on the face of the person.

It is seen that face fillers process, which is among the aesthetic methods, is performed at different ages, depending on the person’s age. It can be applied not only by older people but also at an early age, depending on mimics, genetics and sun effects. However, it has to be used only for persons over the age of eighteen.

1- How Is Face Fillers Made?

In face fillers, the aesthetician first examines the patient’s face. At the end of this examination, the procedure areas of the person are determined. The patient’s views are taken together with the doctor, and the targeted facial features are determined at the end of the process. Then the amount of procedures is determined. The amount of appearance can change according to the material to be added to the injector. That’s why the substance to be used is essential.

In the next stage, the specialist starts the injection process in the application area. First, the procedure is made with small touches. Instant procedure may cause a false appearance. The process ends in 15-20 minutes. After the face fillers procedure, the person can return to his own life immediately. However, it may be necessary to apply ice for possible extra swelling.

2- In Which Areas Is Face Fillers Applied?

The most commonly applied area is the face. This treatment can be used on the temples, smile line, chin, lips, forehead and cheekbones on the face. Especially in these areas, wrinkles are common due to ageing. This method, applied to eliminate wrinkles, is not limited to the face. However, it is possible to say that the legs and arms are also used.

3- What Does Filling Do? Are Fillers Good for Your Face?

From a certain age on the face, collagen production stops and decreases. With the decrease of collagen, especially sagging and wrinkles occur on the face. Wrinkles make a person look older than they are. For this reason, people try to prevent the problem by having this aesthetic procedure. Wrinkles are filled with the procedure.

Face fillers injection are applied not only in wrinkles but also in areas with gaps or thin areas. It is especially preferred in the chin area to change the image. This process is carried out on the lips to eliminate the thin structure and reach wider and larger lips.

4- Does Face Fillers Hurt?

The facial filler is an injectable procedure and may be slightly painful. This feeling of pain is not unbearable. On the contrary, it is pretty standard compared to other procedures. Local anaesthesia can be applied to the area in some procedures, although not always. In addition, thanks to numbing creams, the patient does not feel anything.

5- Does Pain Occur After Filling?

Pain is not usually seen after facial filling. There may be only mild numbness in the area. This is a situation caused by the needle and is quite normal. Your esthetician recommends cold application on the first day. Applying ice every half hour relieves swelling and makes the skin look more alive.

6- Dermal Fillers Side Effects

Since face fillers are a standard method, patients’ comments can be received more. Some side effects have been seen after this method in the past. However, today, using natural substances during the procedure prevents the occurrence of side effects after the process. Thus, the patient continues his life comfortably without any discomfort.

Collagen used during the procedure is already a substance produced by the body. Therefore, the patient does not experience side effects after the process. Before the face fillers process, the doctor also asks the patient questions about allergies. Thus, a possible face filling side effect is prevented.

7- Face Fillers in Turkey Costs

Face fillers in İstanbul prices have constantly updated information. Filling prices will vary from the application area to the specialist. According to the rules specified by the Ministry of Health, it is forbidden to share the fee information on the website. Information will need to be obtained from the clinic and the doctor himself.