Breast Implant

The breast implant is an operation preferred by those suffering from small breasts. Small breast structure disturbs the person psychologically. Breast augmentation surgery is required for this appearance, which is especially important for women. It is applied simply because it is a method used frequently by aesthetic surgeons.

What Is Breast Implant Used for?

Generally, a breast implant is breast enlargement with silicone materials. It is applied to women with small breasts from birth or due to life. It raises the mood of women who gain and lose weight, breastfeed a baby or are disturbed by their congenital small breast form. With the growth of the breast, the desired breast sizes are achieved.

1- How is Breast Implant Made?

After discussing the patient with the doctor, the decision for the operation is made. The breast implant size is selected during the operation decision phase. During the surgery, an incision is made under the breast, nipple or armpit. Silicones are placed through 4-5 cm cuts. However, it is placed in the muscle, not breast tissue.

2- How Long Do Breast Implants Last Now?

The permanence of breast augmentation surgeries performed with silicone is higher than other methods. However, the life of silicone under the skin is also limited. If you have had breast augmentation surgery, you may need to renew the silicones within 10-12 years. The duration will vary depending on the patient’s condition. The doctor gives detailed information before the operation.

3- Does Fluctuation Occur in Silicone Breast Implant?

Fear of fluctuation occurs in patients due to the silicone added to the breast tissue. But this is an unfounded fear. It is almost impossible for silicon to fluctuate in Turkey, which is developing in the field of aesthetics. However, the choice of a doctor is essential to achieve a near-perfect result. The higher the expert knowledge and experience, the more silicone will not be felt even when touched by hand.

Ripple formation is primarily due to silicon quality. The better the structure and quality of the silicone to be used, the better the results in the surgery. The patient needs to learn about silicones before breast implant surgery. The plastic surgeon transfers information on this subject.

4- Can You Feel the Silicone Breast by Hand?

It is known that patients want the silicone not to be felt after the surgery. At this stage, silicone manufacturers work by spending extra hours. Better silicones are produced daily to increase the satisfaction of the patient and the doctor. Apart from the quality of the silicone made, the surgery results well with the cooperation of the doctor and the patient. Silicone is not felt after the surgery with good results.

5- Who Can Have a Breast Implant?

The main common point of those who want breast augmentation surgery is people who are uncomfortable with their small breast size. It is seen that it is preferred mainly by post-pregnancy and elderly individuals. Surgery is preferred because small breasts cause problems obtaining the desired body structure.

Generally, breast implant surgery can be done by almost anyone. However, women who have a pregnancy plan shortly should not choose it. It is recommended to be done after pregnancy, as it may cause problems for the patient during breastfeeding. However, breast augmentation surgery is not performed for patients under eighteen.

6- What Are the Comments of Those Who Have Had Silicone in Their Breast?

Although it is difficult for women to recover from breast implant side effects in the first few months after breast augmentation, they seem to be satisfied in the long run. People feel good, first of all, physically. This physical change also has a positive psychological effect on the person.

At the same time, there are comments that patients with breast implants should be careful in choosing a doctor and clinic. Although many patients make positive comments, some are not satisfied due to the wrong choice of doctor. For this reason, those who want the desired appearance should do good research and choose a doctor.

7- Prices of Breast Implant 2022 Information

Prices of silicone breasts vary depending on the size of the prosthesis. It will also differ depending on the choice of doctor/clinic. Here, patients need to decide by researching good surgeons. After the meeting with the doctor, the breast implant price in Turkey information will also be obtained more clearly.

If you are unsatisfied with your breast structure, you can visit our clinic for breast implant surgery. Our clinic, which serves not only patients in Turkey but also abroad, is located in Istanbul. You can get information about the plastic surgery you want by making an appointment in a short time. You can decide on the appropriate silicone and surgery by having an examination under the supervision of a doctor.