Teeth Whitening

Top 5 Questions About Teeth Whitening!

Teeth whitening is a saviour for anyone who dreams of a great smile. Some people who want to have this procedure may genetically have yellow teeth. Some may not look white due to beverages such as tea or coffee frequently consumed during the day. Many people who are disturbed by the colour of their teeth, which are close to yellow, conduct detailed research on the teeth whitening process. This article will give you all the details of this process.

How Is Teeth Whitening Procedure Done?

The yellowing of the teeth is noticeably whiter thanks to the teeth whitening treatment. Even if the teeth are brushed regularly, sometimes they do not reach the whiteness we want. This is a situation that lowers a person’s self-confidence.

Achieving the whiteness of the teeth we want is not as difficult as it seems. Yellowing of the teeth becomes possible thanks to the natural teeth bleaching process. This process lets the tooth’s colour lighten by at least 2 or 3 tons. A physician must perform this procedure. The teeth whitening service provided by people who are not physicians and have not received training on this subject can give hazardous results.

What are the Types of Teeth Whitening?

We can talk about the two known types of bleaching as follows;

1- Office Type Teeth Whitening Process

Office type whitening is the most effective of all whitening processes. For the whitening done before the procedure becomes more permanent, the person should be cleaned with calculus. Before and after the sessions, photographs are taken of the patient before and after the procedure. Thus, it can be seen more clearly how much effect the process has.

The number of sessions may vary according to the patient’s tooth colour. However, we can say that it usually takes 2 or 3 sessions. Before the teeth whitening procedure, the gums must be closed with a barrier to prevent damage. The next step is to apply the teeth whitening gel to the patient’s teeth. This gel is applied to the patient in 3 periods at 1-minute intervals.

There are some behaviours that the patient is expected to do between sessions. For example, he is asked to avoid drinks that will turn his teeth yellow. If he also smokes, it is essential to reduce it to a minimum. Otherwise, the effect of teeth whitening will naturally decrease. It is natural to experience some sensitivity between whitening sessions. For this, it is necessary to use desensitizing pastes.

2- Home Type Whitening Process

In the home-type process, a colour determination is made for the patient. Then a measurement is taken from the patient. Thanks to the measure taken, a plate is produced for the patient. The substance used in home bleaching is less effective than office bleaching. The prepared transparent plaque and tube containing whitening agents are given to the patient, and the patient is explained in detail by the doctor how to use it.

The patient applies the procedure in his own home, twice a day, for two weeks, as told by the physician. Sometimes the doctor may also ask to do it only at night. Weekly controls are made, and how the process goes is followed closely. Interventions can be made according to the course of the process. It will be healthier for the doctor and the patient to decide which whitening treatment will be applied to the patient.

3- What is the Success Rate in Teeth Whitening?

Many people who want teeth whitening are curious about the success rate. Whether the whitening process is successful or not depends mainly on the daily life of the patient. It is essential at this point to minimize the daily consumption of cigarettes. The patient is expected to avoid beverages such as cigarettes, tea, wine and fruit juice as much as possible. If all these conditions are followed, the success rate will naturally increase.

4- How Can I Permanently Whiten My Teeth?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer this question clearly because this period may vary from person to person. This period varies between 3 months and four years. The structure of the tooth and the application of the things that the dentist recommends to the patient have a significant share in the permanence.

To have more detailed information about the subject, you can contact our clinic and have the procedure you want to do. Moreover, it does not matter whether you live in Turkey or abroad. You can always contact us to evaluate teeth whitening Istanbul options. Thanks to the teeth whitening Turkey options, you can both have a pleasant time during your treatment and pay very reasonable prices for the treatment.