Emax Veneer

What is Emax Veneer? How Is It Done?

Emax veneer is one of the most preferred dental veneer types recently. It is defined as a new generation veneer process. It is a procedure usually applied to patients with aesthetic concerns in their anterior teeth. Thanks to the procedure, the appearance of the anterior incisors is wholly changed, and a very aesthetic appearance is achieved. Another reason for using this treatment method is to ensure that the incisors are more robust and precise.

This process applied to the front teeth increases durability and sharpness. The physician decides the treatment. It is not a decision that the patient can make on his own because only a dentist can understand whether the anterior teeth are suitable for the treatment.

What Are Emax Veneers?

Thanks to the emax veneer process, the treatment is completed with durable ceramics without the use of metal. This type of veneer has long durability. It looks pretty nice too. Therefore, its use is increasing day by day. Although it is generally preferred on the front teeth, it is a type of veneer frequently preferred for short bridges at the back.

Another reason why emax veneer  procedure is preferred so much is that it does not contain any metals. Aesthetic porcelain material, which has no harm to human health, is used. These porcelains, fired in glass ceramics and by increasing their durability, allow them to be more durable and have a more beautiful appearance.

1 – Are Emax Veneers Worth It?

This type of veneer requires a lot of care. Since the teeth are half sodium, even using a different adhesive is impossible. Using a separate colour adhesive may adversely affect the result. Therefore, the physician must be meticulous.

After the emax veneer  process is completed, it can be long-lasting if the patient performs daily maintenance regularly. The patient should have the veneers checked every five years. Following these rules, it can easily use emax veneer teeth for 15 to 20 years.

2 – What are the Advantages of Emax Veneer?

When it comes to emax dental veneer advantages, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly its appearance. This type of veneer has a very natural appearance. One of the most important reasons it is preferred is its natural appearance. Other advantages can be listed as follows;

  • It is possible to say that it is very healthy periodontally. We can say that it owes this to the perfect gingival margin.
  • We can say that it is also very resistant to abrasion.
  • Emax veneer never changes colour and shape over time.
  • Liquid absorption is deficient compared to other alternative dental veneer processes.

3 – How Long is the Emax Veneer Treatment Period?

The treatment period for this type of veneer takes approximately three sessions. The duration of the procedure takes 7 to 10 days in total. It should be noted that it varies from patient to patient. But on average, the process is usually completed after 2 or 3 sessions.

4 – Emax Veneer Is Not Applied to Whom?

This veneer is not a preferred procedure for decayed or broken teeth. It is a preferred process for visualization. It is a procedure applied to the anterior teeth. It is seen that it is also used in the bridges of the posterior teeth. Before starting this veneer process, physician approval is required.

The dentist examines the patient and checks whether it suits the emax veneer process. If it deems appropriate, it starts the process. This veneer is not suitable for patients with too many missing teeth. If oral and dental care is done regularly and correctly, it can be used for many years without any problems.

5 – Emax Dental Veneer Prices 2022

Before making this veneer process, the current price is investigated. Last year, one of the most researched questions about this subject on the internet was the sentence emax veneer prices 2022.

This year, the question of how much emax tooth veneer prices will be in 2022 is being wondered. It is almost impossible to give a clear answer to this question because many factors affect the answer to the question.  For example, which teeth will be treated can affect the price. On the other hand, how many teeth this process will be applied is essential.

You can contact our clinic to get clear information about emax veneer Turkey options, and by making an appointment. You can find out whether you are suitable for the procedure or not through the examination of our specialist physicians. Specialist physicians perform essential operations such as veneer. For this reason, you can make an appointment with our specialist physicians and have your desired procedure done with peace of mind.