Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is used by men who want to present an aesthetic appearance with their beards. Especially in recent years, with the emergence of the style called a stubbly beard,  beard growing has gained significant importance. This situation has made it easier for men with beard problems to prefer beard transplantation and thus this treatment gain great popularity.

What is Beard Transplantation?

The beard, expected to be found in every man, may not be at the desired level in some men and may not grow. Congenital conditions, burns, genetic structure, and infection can prevent beard growth in men. Beard transplants made in recent years will help create a beard style with the desired density and appearance.

At What Age Should Beard Transplantation Be Done? What Is Success Rate of Bear Transplants?

For beard transplantation to be performed, patients must reach a certain hormonal level. Otherwise, achieving the desired appearance may not be possible even after sowing. The patient is expected to be at least 20-22 years old for beard transplantation.

There is no upper age limit for patients for transplantation. Beard transplantation is a permanent application. If specialist physicians are preferred, the targeted appearance will be achieved in about a year. People with a sparse beard structure can also choose Beard transplant Istanbul options.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed? How Long Does Beard Transplantation Take?

Some procedures must be done before and after the beard transplant. First, a preliminary examination will be needed for the patient who wants transplantation. In this examination, the patient’s suitability for the operation, the condition of the beard, the area to be transplanted, and the number of grafts to be transplanted should be determined.

Before sowing, blood should be taken from the patient, and the level of hormones should be determined. If no adverse situation is encountered, local anaesthesia is applied to the patient, thereby minimizing the possibility of feeling the pain.

In beard transplantation, grafts are generally collected from the nape area. If there is no graft in the nape area, grafts can be taken from neck, chest and back hair as in hair transplantation.

FUE hair transplant technique is also used in the graft-taking and transfer process. The healthy grafts taken should be planted by placing them in minimal incisions. Each beard root should be placed in the opened channels at an angle of 35-40 degrees. This angle is essential for the beard to look neat and dense. Beard transplantation takes 2-4 hours, depending on the number of grafts.

What Should Be Considered After Beard Transplantation?

As in hair transplantation, some details should be paid attention to in beard transplantation. After beard transplant, the patient must avoid using tobacco and alcohol products

because these products negatively affect the healing of the grafts, and they may prolong the process. In addition, patients should not use chemical products on the beard area and should receive the necessary vitamin and mineral support without loss.

It is normal to see minor wounds, redness and blood traces in patients after the beard transplantation. The existing scars are expected to disappear within 1-2 days on average completely. Shedding of beard hair may occur within an average of 2 weeks after transplantation.

In this case, it should be known that the hair follicles are not damaged and will re-grow within 2-3 months. Approximately 6-8 months after the operation, the beards will be able to reach the desired appearance.

How Many Grafts Are Used for Beard?

There is an average of 2-3 wire beard roots in a graft. On average, 800-1000 grafts are needed in beard transplants. The number of grafts required varies depending on the beard structure of the patient and the beard appearance requested. An average of 1000 grafts are transferred to patients with incomplete beards, including 400 root jaws, 400 root moustaches and 100 root sideburns.

How Much Does It Cost to Transplant Beard?

For the beard transplant process to be successful, doctors with sufficient knowledge and experience in their field and a certificate of expertise should be preferred. It should not be forgotten that the success achieved in the beard transplant operation will be directly proportional to the experience and experience.

Beard transplant Turkey prices are determined depending on the number of hair follicles planted in the area. It can be said that the more hair follicles are used for transplantation, the higher the price range. In addition, the number of operations to be performed as a beard transplant can also lead to changes in price. Beard transplant prices may increase or decrease depending on the centre’s equipment, specialist and team.