Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics are surgical operations that are performed depending on the situation in which the patient is uncomfortable and wants a change. The content of plastic surgery on the breast varies a lot today. In this breast aesthetics surgery, in which three different application methods are applied, it entirely depends on the breast structure of the patient.

Breast aesthetics performed by plastic surgeons vary in length depending on the method to be applied. There are differences not only in the duration of the operation but also in the application methods. After the surgery to be performed is decided, the patient is informed by the specialist.

What Is  Breast Aesthetics, and How Are They Applied?

The congenital chest form of the patient changes over time. It is possible for the patient, who does not like the appearance of the deformation, to make changes with surgery. Breast aesthetics are frequently performed today to eliminate breast sagging, mainly due to pregnancy and ageing.

1- How Many Breast Aesthetics Procedures Are There?

With the development of the field of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, patients from abroad are also admitted to the clinic. The surgeries preferred by the patients are not one-sided. On the contrary, three different operations can be mentioned to change the shape of the breast: breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift.

2- How is Breast Surgery Performed?

Breast aesthetics will vary depending on the preferred method. If breast reduction surgery is to be performed, an incision is made from the patient’s nipple to the lower junction. After this incision, the excess part of the breast tissue is removed. At the same time, the operation is completed by removing the excess skin and suturing it.

In breast lift surgery, only the position of the sagging breast is changed. An incision is made from the nipple to the lower part. If the large breast causes sagging, the shape of the breast is changed to stand more upright. Breast reduction surgery is done at the same time.

Breast augmentation surgery is in the last place among breast surgeries. Its application is very different compared to other breast surgeries. The implant is placed without damaging the breast tissue. The chest form is thus made larger.

3- What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you have had a breast reduction, you should pay attention to some factors, as in all breast aesthetics. Your breasts are in a structure that is affected every time you move. Therefore, you will need to rest for the first few weeks after surgery.

Even though the breast aesthetics stitches are thrown heavily during the surgery, the stitched structure should not be touched by water to avoid infection. At the same time, it is essential to be careful in selecting underwear so that the patient is not affected by the surgery. Otherwise, you may feel pain and ache in the operation area. It is helpful to avoid heavy exercise for the first month.

4- Do Those Who Have Breast Reduction Surgery Face Suture Scars?

Suture scars are among the subjects that patients are most curious about. Although aesthetic development has been achieved, surgery cannot be performed without a suture scar. Since a different surgical method has not been discovered yet, a surgical scar will remain under the breast.

However, how the doctor performs the breast aesthetics and what the patient will do after the surgery is effective on this issue. It is possible to minimize the scarring after breast aesthetics. However, surgery cannot be planned without any suture scars. If information is obtained from the doctor at this stage, the patient will not encounter any surprises after the surgery.

5- Who Can Have Breast Aesthetics Surgery?

Before having breast aesthetics, the patient should think well. It is also possible to decide on the surgery to be performed under the supervision of a doctor. People who have experienced pregnancy or have genitally sagging breasts can have surgery.

Before breast surgery, the discomfort experienced by the person is considered during the decision-making process because these surgeries aim to make the person feel better. Those who go beyond the breast line and experience low back pain due to large breasts can have plastic surgery. However, those who are uncomfortable with small breasts may prefer surgery.

6- Breast Aesthetics in Turkey Price Information

The patient can’t learn about the cost of breast aesthetics over the internet. The cost of such aesthetic operations is decided under the supervision of a doctor. If you are uncomfortable with your breast structure, you can come to our clinic from Turkey or abroad and get information about the cost.

You will be satisfied with the results thanks to the healthy surgeries performed by expert surgeons. In particular, you can get rid of this situation, where you are physically and psychologically uncomfortable, for your good. You can have the operation you need between breast surgeries to look younger and more vigorous.