Stomach Botox

What is Stomach Botox? How Much Are Stomach Botox Prices?

Stomach botox is one of the most preferred weight loss methods and is an operation performed in a short time. With botox in the stomach, 20% weight loss is targeted, and this goal is achieved healthily.

Since stomach botox is a procedure that requires professionalism, this service should be obtained from proven places. In this respect, you can choose Westmodernclinic, which has provided professional and quality service to its patients for many years, with peace of mind and benefits from many privileges.

What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach botox, which is preferred as the last resort by people who cannot lose weight with methods such as diet, exercise and healthy nutrition, is beneficial. In botox application, botulinum toxin is slowly injected into the predetermined parts of the stomach by endoscopy.

After this operation on the stomach, the weight problem begins to disappear in a short time.

The person continues his everyday life without any interruption. If you want to have successful stomach botox, you can reach our clinic in Istanbul, both from Turkey and abroad.

How Is Stomach Botox Made?

A stomach botox procedure applied to a particular area of ​​the stomach is not a surgical operation, it is performed concisely, and the patient is discharged. The patient is first anaesthetized for the Stomach botox procedure by our experienced anaesthesia team. Afterwards, the stomach is reached by entering through the mouth, and botulinum toxin is injected into the desired area in the stomach. As soon as the patient wakes up, necessary warnings are made by our physicians, and he is discharged.

Stomach Botox Prices How Much in 2022?

The price of the stomach botox procedure, which most people prefer because it is the easiest weight loss method, is very curious. Stomach botox price is among the most questioned topics in the comments.

At Westmodernclinic, we offer botox applications on the stomach at reasonable prices to help our patients lose weight. Moreover, we increase the success rate even more with the experience we have gained from the services we have provided in this field for years. But for an actual price for the botox application, you need to come to our clinic and be examined.

What Did Those Who Have Stomach Botox Said?

Those who want to lose weight from the stomach benefit from the botox application and have comments on how they got results after this procedure. In particular, it is understood from the words whether the process is complex, whether it works or not, and whether or not there is any bad situation after botox.

Well, the comments of those who have stomach botox are as follows:

  • After my stomach botox process to lose weight, I lost 3 kilos in 1 week despite my sedentary lifestyle.
  • I had this stomach botox procedure done a month ago and had two doses in total. I have already lost 6 kilos and am very happy with the result.
  • I had a stomach botox operation out of fear. Westmodernclinic doctors have been very concerned. At the end of this process, I lost 5.5 kilos with liquid nutrition in the first week and puree-style food in the second week.
  • I had botox on my stomach ten months ago, and I started to lose weight very well. But control yourself and eat proportionately. Otherwise, this process is wasted. That’s how it happened to me. I couldn’t stop myself and ate a lot, resulting in disappointment. Everything ends with you.

Above are the comments about the botox procedure on the stomach. Take these comments into consideration to get successful results for you. In addition, you can reach us from our clinic’s website and communication channels for everything that comes to your mind, and you can ask anything you want.

To Whom Is Stomach Botox Applied?

Today, many people are in trouble with their excess weight. These people resort to medical interventions after diet programs, exercises and many more methods. The most common of these interventions is the injection of botulinum toxin into the stomach, that is, botox.

Who is stomach botox applied to:

  • Those who are overweight,
  • Those who are 25 and above, according to the body mass index,
  • Those who do sports and cannot lose weight,
  • Those who follow diet programs but do not get results are applied.

If you are one of the people listed above, you can come to our clinic and have the necessary examinations done, and then you can have this botox procedure quickly. This way, you can lose weight healthily and permanently and continue your daily life.

How Should Nutrition Be After Stomach Botox?

One of the question marks in mind after stomach botox application is how to feed. In this regard, it is enough to get a healthy nutrition program from our doctors and apply it.

After the botox procedure in the stomach, excess fluid should be taken. Vegetable consumption should also be considered while taking fluids. Liquid consumption of soup, unsweetened tea, water and valuable herbal teas will be sufficient. In addition to avoiding acidic fast foods and foods with sugar content, following the healthy nutrition program recommended by your doctor will be adequate.