Laminate Dental Veneer

Laminate Dental Veneer Prices 2022

A laminate dental veneer is a process that means leaf veneer in Latin. We can say that this type of veneer is the least veneered and rasped veneer on the tooth. This process consists of making a thin veneer on a healthy tooth. It is the most durable prosthesis since very little rasping is applied during the laminate veneer.

What is Laminate Dental Veneer?

During the laminate dental veneer process, the patient is given local anaesthesia. Therefore, it is doubtful that the patient will feel any pain. The duration of the procedure may vary depending on how many teeth will be veneered. But in general, it is possible to say that this process will be completed in 3 sessions.

1 – What are the Situations that Require Laminate Dental Veneer?

Patients with aesthetic concerns about their teeth usually use the veneer process. Some situations also require the laminate tooth veneer method. These situations can be listed as follows;

  • Presence of some deformities in the teeth
  • Having a gap between the teeth
  • Teeth breakage or some wear
  • Teeth not responding to whitening methods and the formation of very dark stains on the teeth
  • Crooked teeth structure
  • Presence of some hereditary disorders in the structure of the tooth

The above situations are necessary to perform the laminate dental veneer procedure.

2 – How is Laminate Dental Veneer Treatment Applied?

It is possible to list the stages of laminate dental veneer treatment as follows;

  • First, the treatment process is discussed with the patient, and the patient’s expectations from this treatment are learned. Modelling is done according to this expectation.
  • Afterwards, the patient is informed in detail about the possible results of the procedure. Then the necessary examinations are made.
  • Local anaesthesia is applied to the patient who comes to the appointment for the second session. Thus, it prevented that he does not feel any pain during the procedure. After the local anaesthesia procedure, it is ensured that the patient does not feel any pain.
  • After making sure that the patient has a lost sensation, the rasping process is started to be applied to the teeth that have been veneered.
  • Afterwards, the size of the teeth to be processed should be taken.
  • The measured teeth should wait a while to be ready for the following procedure. This period is approximately one week. It is quite natural to experience sensitivity in the teeth during this period.
  • After the teeth and their moulds are ready, it is time for the proofing process. In the rehearsal, the compatibility of the veneer with the teeth is checked. Make sure that the colour and size are compatible.
  • After ensuring its appearance, the bonding process of the laminate dental veneer is started. This process takes approximately two hours.
  • After the bonding process is completed, the veneer is completed.

3 – What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Dental Veneer?

Patients who want a laminate dental veneer treatment wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. As with any process, this process has both advantages and disadvantages. We can list them as follows;

  • The treatment takes a concise time and is a long-lasting procedure.
  • No additional maintenance is required for veneers. Regular daily maintenance will make the laminate dental veneer longer lasting.
  • It can be said that it has a natural appearance. The reason for this is that it has the property of transmitting light.
  • As a disadvantage, there may be hot or cold sensitivity.
  • It is also quite dangerous to break something hard with this veneer.

4 – Laminate Dental Veneer Turkey Prices

Another curious and researched subject related to the subject is the material dimension of the laminate dental veneer. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this issue. It is possible to say that many factors directly affect prices. The condition of the tooth and how many teeth will be veneered are just a few of these factors.

To have clear information about the price, you can contact our clinic and have an interview with our specialist physicians. Thus, you will have more detailed information on the price and other issues.

Our clinic works with specialist dentists. Our dentists attach great importance to the comfort and safety of the patient because each of the dental treatments makes the patient nervous. Patients often avoid almost all veneer dental treatments. Our clinic’s interest and concern for patients make it easier for them to have this procedure. Our clinic also provides a quality service to patients in Turkey and abroad. You can also take advantage of laminate dental veneer Istanbul opportunities.