Gastric Balloon

What is a Gastric Balloon? Gastric Balloon Price 2022!

The gastric balloon is the most used method in treating obesity that does not require a surgical application. Gastric balloon treatment is recommended after exercise and diet programs, especially for overweight people.

Since the gastric balloon is a professional treatment, performing it anywhere can cause serious health problems. At this point, you can choose Westmodernclinic with peace of mind. Our clinic is a clinic that has been serving abroad for many years, and we continue our services in our newly opened clinic in Istanbul. If you want to get professional service, you can choose us.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon, also known as gastric balloon surgery, is a weight loss method recommended for those who want to lose their excess weight. It is temporarily placed in the stomach and then inflated. It is a medical device and one of the best methods of dealing with obesity.

After the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach, it should be removed after staying in the stomach for a maximum of 1 year. If careful medical checks are not performed, complications such as stomach bleeding, intestinal obstruction and gastric perforation may occur. When you have this treatment at Westmodernclinic, our doctors will be with you at every moment of the treatment and take precautions for all bad situations that may occur.

How is the Gastric Balloon Inserted?

Thanks to the balloon placed in the stomach, your portions will be healthier and more regular, and the frequency of eating will decrease. This way, you will feel full even if you eat less. Therefore, you will start to lose weight and get rid of your excess weight even though you eat.

The balloon inserted into the stomach can be of various types, such as silicone polymer and gelatin capsule. After the anaesthetic procedure is applied to the balloon patient, the honey material is placed in the stomach under the guidance of endoscopy. Then it is slowly inflated, and the treatment ends. The patient is discharged in a short time and continues his life where he left off.

What is Gastric Balloon Price 2022 Information?

The gastric balloon is used for many ailments, including people with bad eating habits, especially obesity. This acute treatment, which has a 90% success rate after its use, must be done in professional service places. In this way, possible complications are prevented.

It helps Westmodernclinic patients both before and after treatment. After learning the patient’s medical history, they determine the actual cause and apply the most appropriate treatment. Inserting a balloon in the stomach is one of these treatments, and precise pricing cannot be made without examining the patient. You can come to our clinic in Istanbul to be examined and get a price.

What is the Price of a Swallowable Gastric Balloon for 2022?

As technology advances in medicine, the need for surgical procedures and anaesthesia is gradually decreasing. Balloon endoscopy, designed to be swallowed for the stomach, is performed without anaesthesia. It is swallowed with water and swells on its own when it goes into the stomach. In this way, the feeling of satiety comes with it, and the patient starts to lose weight in a short time.

What is the price of the swallowed gastric balloon? It is a subject that changes depending on the changes in the economy for 2022. The prices of the balloons vary depending on the quality, which are in different sizes for each patient, and the difference between the practitioner and the clinic. You can visit our clinic with this application and benefit from many more professional services at reasonable prices.

What are the Swallowable Gastric Balloon Reviews?

Those who had a gastric balloon inserted have both positive and negative comments about this application. By looking at these comments, you will learn all the necessary information about the balloon to be inserted into the stomach.

So, what are the comments for the balloon inserted in the stomach?

  • When I went to the doctor, I learned that I had an obesity problem and was directed to diet programs. After two months, I noticed I had gained even more weight, and my doctor agreed. Then he advised me to put a balloon in my stomach, and I accepted. I lost 5 kilos in two weeks in a controlled manner.
  • Those with an obesity problem, who are afraid of surgery, have this application done without hesitation. I recommend getting this treatment, especially from Westmodernclinic. They behave professionally in all matters, and besides motivating them during the treatment process, they are also very good at reasonable prices.
  • If you have a weight problem, definitely get the gastric balloon, which is very good, to avoid the risks evident in surgical intervention.
  • My best friend had it done. Unfortunately, his appetite did not go away. I guess it doesn’t have the same positive effect on everybody.
  • We had four people in my family have it. It was very effective in three people and caused constant heartburn, cramps and nausea in me.

Above are the comments of those who have balloons in their stomachs to lose weight. You can have information by reading these comments and asking all the questions you have in your mind in our clinic, and you can benefit from the treatment.