Ear Aesthetics

Ear aesthetics is a surgery performed on people who complain about the appearance of prominent ears. It is seen that this surgery, also called otoplasty, is performed at an early age. The prominent ear is not a disease because it does not prevent the person’s hearing. It is a situation that disturbs the person because of their appearance.

The main reason for plastic surgery is to eliminate the situations that spoil a person’s appearance. Although the prominent ear is not a disease, it affects the person psychologically due to aesthetic concerns. Especially at an early age, it is seen that children are affected by the feedback they receive from their environment. If the doctor deems it appropriate, a surgical operation is performed on children and adults under eighteen.

What is Ear Aesthetics?

There is an ear appearance called prominent ear among the people. This appearance, also called sailing ear, often creates discomfort. For this reason, the person uses their hair or different materials to hide their ears. He looks for permanent results because he cannot prevent the situation alone. Ear aesthetics surgery is also applied to change the appearance of the ear.

Ear aesthetics operation is a surgical operation that changes the appearance of the ears. It is easier to apply when compared to other plastic surgeries. The patient can change the shape of his ear when he is uncomfortable with his appearance. Thus, the existing prominent ear image is eliminated.

1- How is Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Before the ear surgery, the doctor makes specific examinations on the patient. The planning stage starts if the patient’s general health condition does not prevent the operation. During the planning phase, the patient’s ear is discussed about the appearance they want to have. Pre-operative certainty is ensured by observing the effects of prominent ear conditions.

Ear aesthetics to be performed by a plastic surgeon is performed by incisions made from the back of the ear. While shaping, excess tissue is taken from the body if necessary. In this postoperative view, performed without damaging the ear’s functionality, definite results are obtained after 1-2 weeks.

2- How Long Does Ear Correction Surgery Take?

Otoplasty surgery is the type of surgery completed in the shortest time among aesthetic surgeries. As long as no changes are made regarding the patient’s tissues and organs, the surgery ends in a short time. With the experience of the specialist, the operation is completed in approximately 1-2 hours. It can be applied with general anaesthesia as well as local anaesthesia applications. However, this does not affect the operation time.

3- Is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Surgery Risky?

Each surgery has different risk ratios within itself. However, since the person has no health problem in this surgery, only a shape change is made. It is one of the surgeries with the lowest risk since the ear and other tissues are not interfered with. If general anaesthesia is applied, it will only be necessary to be extra careful after the surgery. The doctor is informed about the subject.

4- What is the Age Limit for Ear Aesthetics? What Is the Best Age of Otoplasty?

Usually, there is an age limit of eighteen for plastic surgeries. However, regarding ear aesthetics, this surgery can be performed on people younger than eighteen, depending on the doctor’s preference. Negative psychology in childhood is prevented, mainly when surgery is performed early (such as at five years of age).

5- What are the Comments on Prominent Ear Surgery?

In general, all the comments about ear aesthetics surgery are positive. Although there is a fear that people will have plastic surgery for the first time, suggestions come from those with experience. It is recommended to be performed as it has a more straightforward surgery and recovery process than other surgeries.

Surgery is recommended in this situation, where not only adults but mainly children are negatively affected by peer bullying. With the operation performed in a short time, you can act all negative comments on your child or your own life. By choosing the right doctor, you can get rid of the negative image you have.

6- What Should Be Considered After Ear Surgery?

There are some things to consider after ear aesthetics in every surgery. If the operation was performed under general anaesthesia, the patient should stay in the hospital for one day. After the anaesthetic effect wears off, some pain may be felt. In the meantime, the drugs recommended by the doctor should be used. Water should not touch the ear and its surroundings, and a different product should not be applied.

7- Ear Aesthetics Turkey Prices

Ear aesthetics in Istanbul prices vary depending on the clinic and doctor performing the application. Under normal circumstances, sharing the fees of other applications, including ear aesthetics, is forbidden over the internet. To have information about current prices, you can have information by visiting our clinic in Istanbul.

We also offer opportunities for you to have a pleasant time while undergoing ear aesthetics treatment in our clinic. For example, when you apply to us for treatment, we also fulfil the requirements such as accommodation and transportation. We always offer a quality health service with expert ear aesthetics physicians.