Dental Implant

What Is Dental Implant? What are Dental Implant Prices 2022?

We can say that dental implant is among the best benefits of medical technological developments. This method used in the treatment of missing teeth is screws placed inside the jawbone.

The most important aspect of dental implant treatment that distinguishes it from similar treatments is that it never harms the adjacent teeth. In other methods, the teeth on the side must also be cut. However, dental implant treatment does not need to cut the adjacent teeth. After this treatment, the patient can eat quickly, just like in his natural tooth.

How Is Dental Implant Treatment Performed?

During the dental implant treatment, the patient is first given light sedation. A detailed examination and x-ray must be taken of the patient before the procedure. Afterwards, the patient’s jaw bones and teeth should be measured. There are two options for screw placement. A temporary cap is used after the screw is placed in the one-stage procedure.

The screw is inserted and covered with the gum in another two-stage procedure. After that, it is awaited for recovery. Prosthetic heads are attached afterwards. In both options, a temporary bridge is placed over it. The length of the healing process varies depending on whether it is in the lower or upper jaw. The recovery period for the lower jaw is approximately three months, while the recovery period for the upper jaw is six months.

Sometimes, new threads can be attached directly to the screws. Thus, it is ensured that the patient can eat and laugh as quickly as a natural tooth. Zirconium has been used in this dental implant procedure recently.

The purpose of using zirconium is to increase the resistance of titanium. It is mainly used to improve the resistance of patients with narrow jawbones. Except for being durable, zirconium is no different from titanium.

1 – Who is Dental Implant Treatment Applied to?

To apply dental implant treatment, the patient must be 18 years old because the person must have completed the development of the face and jaw. This treatment is unsuitable for patients younger than 18 years as their story continues.

Although it will be applied to patients with diabetes, the person’s diabetes should be regulated first. Patients using blood thinners should also inform their physicians beforehand.

Before treatment, the use of the drug in question should be discontinued. Otherwise, the doctor may have difficulty stopping the patient’s blood during the procedure. This situation is very inconvenient. Before this procedure is applied to a person with osteoporosis, the necessary treatment should be performed.

2 – What is a Screwless Dental Implant?

The treatment in question is not always with screws. A screwing system is not used during the superstructure application in the medicine used to complete the missing teeth. Prepared porcelain or zirconium teeth are made using solid adhesives.

3 – Is Dental Implant  Painful?

Although the general opinion is that it is an excruciating procedure, it is not painful. No pain or pain will be felt, mainly if the medications given by the physician are used after the operation.

It is impossible for the patient to feel pain during the procedure because local anaesthesia is applied. If laser healing is used in the process after the treatment, it is aimed that the patient will have a more comfortable and comfortable recovery process.

4 – Is It Possible to Get a Dental Implant at a Young Age?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about the appropriate age for the treatment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear answer to this. Because for the person to be suitable for treatment, they must first complete the bone development.

The dental implant can be applied at any age if the patient completes bone development. The process of completing bone development is usually from the age of 18. For this reason, it is a treatment that is generally applied to people over the age of 18.

It is very inconvenient to apply dental implant treatment to people who have not yet completed their bone and jaw development. For people who have not completed their physical development, there is a risk of losing their teeth in the future if this treatment is applied. Therefore, it is a treatment that should not be used on people who are not sure they have completed their development.

5 – How Much Is The Tooth Implant in Turkey?

The price of the dental implant is also one of the questions. Many factors are taken into account when determining the price. It is possible to list these elements as follows;

  • How many dental implants the patient needs are determined
  • Experience of the treating physician
  • Prices and quality of materials to be used
  • Payment method
  • Availability of the patient’s dental condition and jaw structure

Considering all these factors, the Turkish Dental Association determines the price for the treatment in question every year.

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