Liposuction is a plastic surgery method for those who want to achieve a particular form and shape in their body. This application is for people who cannot eliminate stubborn fat even if they lose weight. It is mainly applied to prevent body deformities due to lubrication in certain body parts rather than losing weight.

What is Liposuction?

It is a plastic surgery method. It is not used in treating obesity. It does not target regional slimming. Its primary purpose is to break up stubborn fat molecules that need to be removed from the body and remove them from the body. When this process is done, weight loss already occurs, but it does not have a goal of losing 10-15 kilos at once.

1- How is Liposuction Performed?

Liposuction surgery is performed under the guidance of a specialist doctor. There are several methods available today to apply the procedure. This method is generally applied to women and is used under general and local anaesthesia. If the lubrication is especially limited to one area, regional anaesthesia is performed to ensure that the patient has a comfortable operation.

General anaesthesia is performed if the patient’s fat problem is not limited to a single area and has spread to more than one area. In the case of general anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia, small incisions are made on the patient’s body. Long pipes are extended through these cuts, and the oil molecules are broken up and vacuumed. Thus, removal from the body takes place.

2- Who is Liposuction Suitable for?

Although many people like to get rid of regional fat and have a beautiful body, it is necessary to be careful to have liposuction. Especially if you do not have a severe illness, you will not encounter a problem. However, if you want to lose weight or think it is a solution to obesity, the mentioned process will not be the right choice.

It is possible to apply the procedure to anyone of age and with no health problems. Women and men can have it done if they need it. However, you must perform the surgery with the right specialist.

3- What Should Those Who Have Liposuction Take Care Of?

People with regional liposuction operations within the scope of aesthetic surgery should pay attention to certain conditions. First, if the process will be performed under general anaesthesia, the doctor should obtain information about the pre-and post-operative conditions. You may also need to act knowing that you will stay in the hospital for at least one day after the surgery.

If possible, you should not take a shower on the first day. It will also help you avoid heavy sports and movements in the first week. Thus, your recovery process after surgery will also accelerate.

4- How are the Comments of Those Who Have Had Liposuction?

When the right specialist is selected, the comments of people who have regional liposuction surgery are also positive. In general, the probability of being satisfied with the aesthetic operation depends on the selection of the specialist. If you progress by agreeing with a specialist in the field or clinic, your satisfaction rate may increase both before and after the operation.

The undesirable appearance of the body in the physical and psychological sense creates a negative effect. Liposuction is very effective, especially for fats not removed from the body despite diet and sports. At this stage, it is seen that the returns after the application are positive depending on the effect it has on the body.

5- What Are the Side Effects of Liposuciton?

Extensive research is carried out on the liposuction side effects, which patients investigate for the first time. As with any surgery, this practice has some possible risks. However, it is possible to minimize these risks and damages. Benefits can be obtained by eliminating potential harms due to patient and doctor cooperation.

It is necessary to have information about the things to be considered, especially before and after the surgery. The process will be easier and more comfortable if you have information about what to do before and after liposuction. Thus, you can get through a healthier situation by encountering safer and harmless results.

6- Liposuction in Turkey Prices

It is tough to give clear information about liposuction prices. The body lines the person wants during the application and the operation process are decisive. At the same time, expert opinion is required to determine the liposuction Istanbul cost. At this stage, you should go to the clinic and get information about the price under the supervision of a doctor.

In our clinic located in Istanbul, we welcome our patients from Turkey and abroad and offer the necessary services. If you want to have an aesthetic operation in this field, make the required appointment and leave the rest to the knowledge and experience of the specialist! It is now easier than you think to have the body lines you want.