Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is surgical operations that the person has when he is not satisfied with his body or sometimes when he has to. These operations are called the ‘aesthetic procedure.’ It is seen that the surgical procedure is named according to the area in which it is performed. At the same time, the development of aesthetic surgery in Turkey provides diversification in the operations performed in this field.

The aesthetic surgery experts in the field make the person feel good psychologically and physically after the operation. It is possible to say that it is becoming more and more common nowadays, especially to feel better in a psychological sense. You can decide by getting information about the aesthetic operations you will have, optional or compulsory.

What Are the Most Common Aesthetic Procedures? Popular Aesthetic Surgery Methods

Today, aesthetic surgeries are performed on every body part, especially facial aesthetics. Although each aesthetic surgery has its risks, the fact that the doctor is an expert in the field ensures that the possible risks are reduced. At the same time, you can increase your likelihood of being satisfied with the result by getting support and information after the surgery.

1- Liposuction Aesthetic Surgery Method

This process, among the types of aesthetic surgery, allows the removal of fats that are not given by sports and diet from the body. The desired body type is obtained by removing the stubborn fat accumulated in the hips, waist, hips and legs from the body. The patient has no health problems, and the fat is removed from the body by opening 2-3 mm incisions under the guidance of a specialist.

2- Tummy Tuck Aesthetic Surgery Technique

Abdominoplasty is also known as ‘tummy tuck surgery’ among the community. It is considered among the riskiest plastic surgeries if a specialist does not perform it. However, when it is done under the supervision of a specialist, it is applied in a short time, and there is no problem afterwards. With the excess fat ratio in the body, the sagging caused by losing a lot of weight in a short time is eliminated.

Sagging due to lubrication or weight loss causes an ominous appearance on the body. This terrible image causes psychological effects, especially in the physical sense. Excess fat is removed for the patient to feel better, and a flat stomach is obtained by stretching the abdominal muscles.

3- Face Lift Procedure

Although it is the most applied method depending on ageing among the types of facial aesthetics, it is also applied without ageing. Due to the lack of collagen on the face, sagging occurs from a certain age. It makes the skin look older than it is. After the stretching operation, the skin becomes more voluminous and tight. Thus, a youthful appearance is obtained.

4- Breast Aesthetic Surgery

Among society, breast aesthetic surgeries are the most researched by women within the scope of aesthetic types and prices. Both reduction and enlargement can be performed on breasts, which women pay special attention to. Apart from the size, at the same time, lifting operations can be applied, especially to mothers who have undergone deformation after breastfeeding.

5- Gynecomastia Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgeries are not only applied to women. Gynecomastia is a method specially used for men. The imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones in men causes breast tissues to develop more than usual. In men, when this image is not pleasing, gynecomastia surgery is performed to bring it to a more aesthetically appropriate form.

6- Botox

Botox is applied to eliminate wrinkles and skin sagging in the face area. Although it is thought that this procedure is mainly performed on the face and its surroundings, it is also applied by a specialist to eliminate the problem of migraine and sweating. It takes less time than other procedures, and the effect is seen immediately.

7- Face Fillers Aesthetic Surgery

Face filling procedure is a plastic surgery applied to the lips, especially between the eyebrows, temples, under the eye and chin area. It does not involve a painful process like other plastic surgeries. The patient must undergo a preliminary examination before this procedure. The procedure is applied according to the results of the preliminary examination.

8- Ear Aesthetic Surgery

Prominent ear complaint is one of the common conditions in society. The disturbance may result from traumatic situations other than the prominent ear. In precisely such cases, ear aesthetics is required. Ear aesthetics is planned and performed depending on the person’s facial features and size. The patient achieves the desired appearance after the operation.

9- The Most Common Aesthetic Surgeries: Eyelid and Eye Bag Aesthetics

Among the most frequently performed aesthetic surgeries are eyelids and surrounding procedures. The lower eyelids aesthetic surgery can harm a person’s appearance. It may also be necessary to apply aesthetic surgery procedures to make the eyelid prominent or to keep it higher.

Aesthetic Surgery Prices in Turkey 2022

Aesthetic surgery costs vary according to the method applied. It is necessary to contact the clinic to learn the current and correct prices. Since it is forbidden to share the costs of applications made in the field of health and aesthetics on the internet, it is impossible to obtain information about the price.