Obesity Surgeries

What are Obesity Surgeries? What are the Prices of Obesity Surgeries?

Obesity surgeries are necessary against the increasing weight problem due to unhealthy life and genetic factors. Thanks to this advanced surgical method, mainly used by people who cannot lose weight under normal conditions, they lose their excess weight in a short time.

At Westmodernclinic, you can get many more professional services, especially obesity surgeries, from us. In addition, you can reach our clinic in Istanbul domestically and abroad and benefit from the treatment you want.

What Are Obesity Surgeries?

What is obesity surgery? Surgery is the last choice to eliminate the excess weight that threatens the health of people struggling with weight problems. Mainly, obesity surgery is applied after diet, drug treatment, and exercise are unsuccessful.

Obesity surgery technique is a treatment that should be taken from excellent hospitals because, in any complication that may develop in the body, negative consequences can occur that can result in death. Therefore, surgery for obesity should be performed in good places. At this point, you can choose Westmodernclinic with peace of mind and have bariatric surgery.

What are the Types of Obesity Surgeries?

Types of obesity surgeries are among the topics many people are curious about today. There is more than one type of these surgeries, which do not apply to the same surgical intervention for everyone but are preferred according to the person’s body and weight status.

So, what are the types of obesity surgeries?

  • Duodenal switch,
  • Gastric bypass,
  • Sleeve gastrectomy,
  • Mini stomach bypass,
  • Gastric plication,
  • Gastric clamp,

You can get rid of the obesity problem quickly with the types of obesity surgeries listed above and continue your daily life from where you left off.

How Is Obesity Surgery Performed?

Our clinic performs obesity surgery for almost everyone with obesity problems. However, depending on the type, obesity surgery is performed with different methods and techniques. After the interventions on the stomach, the patient’s surgery is completed. In addition, surgical interventions have a high success rate as a team coordinates them.

How is Obesity Surgery Applied?

Obesity surgeries are not recommended for everyone who has obesity problems, but surgery is recommended for people who cannot get rid of their excess weight no matter what they do. Since the success of obesity surgeries is again in the hands of the patient, it is necessary to pay attention to what the doctors say after the surgery.

How is surgery for obesity applied?

  • People whose body mass index rate is above 35,
  • Those who do not exercise and lose weight,
  • Those who apply the medical treatment method and cannot get results,
  • Surgery is performed for those who cannot lose weight after medical nutrition.

The reasons listed above are sufficient for bariatric surgery, and the surgery is performed after the patient undergoes various evaluations.

How Much Are Bariatric Surgery Prices?

Obesity surgery is the most preferred surgical intervention in Turkey and all European countries. Surgical methods used as a last resort in obesity treatments are pretty diverse. Therefore, it is not possible to give a piece of exact price information. In addition, since many criteria determine the price of the surgeries, it will be enough for you to come to our clinic and get examined.

Does Obesity Surgery Cover Medicare?

Does the state pay for obesity surgeries? Medicare covers all costs of obesity surgery. However, this is valid for state hospitals, and if there is an agreement in private hospitals, Medicare covers a small part of it.

Is Obesity Surgery Available in the State Hospital?

Obesity surgeries are a department where various surgical operations are performed on people with excess weight. You can reach this department in public hospitals from the obesity and metabolic surgery unit. All interventions in public hospitals are free of charge for anyone with insurance.

What Should Be Considered After Obesity Surgeries?

Many conditions should be considered after obesity surgeries. At the beginning of these situations, healthy and proportional nutrition comes, and the patient’s health must be weighed regularly for a certain period of time.

The treatment received from our clinic is sleeve gastrectomy, in which 80% of the stomach is removed, and the fundus is also removed. Since the fundus is a part that secretes the hunger hormone, the feeling of hunger automatically decreases. At this point, if you pay attention to nutrition and give importance to the lifestyle recommended by your doctor, you can lose the weight you want.

It is essential to benefit from exercises that will not tire the body much after obesity surgeries. At Westmodernclinic, we offer our patients a nutrition program and activities that they can easily do in daily life after obesity surgery. For this reason, you can stay at the weight you want to be for life by getting rid of your unwanted weight healthily and permanently.