Dental Treatment

What are the Dental Treatment Methods?

Dental treatment might be one of the most frightening situations for patients. People often do not want to go to a dentist, even if they have a problem with their teeth. The reason for this is that they are prejudiced against dental-related treatments.

However, going to the dentist and getting dental treatment is not something to be feared as much as a thought. It is impossible for the patient to feel any pain during the dental treatment because, in almost every treatment method, the physician applies local anaesthesia to the patient. This way, the patient is prevented from feeling pain during the dental treatment. Thus, the patient has a comfortable dental treatment process. They feel slight discomfort for a few days after the procedure is standard.

Dental Treatment Methods

Dental treatment is changing and developing daily, depending on technological developments. Depending on the patient’s complaint, the physician applies various treatment methods to the patient and eliminates the dental problem. The patient’s complaint is sometimes about aesthetic concerns. In such cases, physicians usually involve one of the veneer treatment methods for the patient.

1 – Dental Treatment – ​​Filling

Dental filling is one of the most used treatment methods. Thanks to the filling, decayed, cracked or broken teeth are treated. Thus, the teeth are restored to their former healthy state. When there is a problem with the tooth, it is necessary to go to the dentist as soon as possible and perform the dental filling process. Otherwise, caries in the tooth may progress and make the root canal treatment mandatory. If the root canal treatment is delayed, the risk of losing the tooth may be encountered.

During the filling, local anaesthesia is first applied to the area. Thus, the patient is prevented from feeling pain. Afterwards, the various area of ​​the tooth is cleaned, and the tooth is emptied. After that, the tooth is filled with the material used to fill the application. The material used may vary depending on the position and function of the tooth. Afterwards, a device is used to freeze the filling quickly. Thus, the process is completed.

2 – Root Canal Treatment – ​​Dental Treatment

Root canal treatment is also a method used to repair decayed teeth. A physician or endodontist should perform a root canal. Before the root canal process, the physician examines the patient. If the patient’s tooth is inflamed, he should first use antibiotics. After the inflammation in the tooth is cleared, the process begins.

Local anaesthesia is also applied before starting the root canal procedure. It takes about 10 minutes for the anaesthesia to take effect. The dentist then drills a hole to access the root of the tooth. Harmful bacteria and rotten sinuses are removed from the hole. Afterwards, the tooth canal is filled. The process ends.

3 – Teeth Whitening Process in Dental Treatment

Teeth whitening is also a procedure for patients unsatisfied with tooth colour. The colour of the teeth may turn yellow due to genetic factors and sometimes due to excessive consumption of beverages such as tea and coffee during the day. It is possible to say that smoking significantly affects yellowing teeth.

Thanks to teeth whitening, the patient will have a wonderful smile by having white teeth. There are two types of whitening processes: office bleaching and home bleaching. However, office whitening is generally used.

First, the patient is cleaned of calculus for the whitening process. Thus, the whitening process becomes more permanent. The procedure should not damage the gums. For this, the patient’s gums are closed with a barrier. Then the whitening gel is applied to the patient’s teeth. This gel is used in 3 periods.

4 – Laminated Tooth Veneer in Dental Treatment

When it comes to dental treatment with aesthetic concerns, laminate tooth veneer usually comes to mind. This type of veneer is also referred to as leaf veneer. It is applied to patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. The physician examines the patient’s teeth and decides whether it suits this type of veneer.

Local anaesthesia is applied to the patient’s teeth before the dental treatment. Afterwards, the filing begins on the teeth to which the veneer will be used. This type of veneer requires less cutting and filing than other veneers. Then the size of the teeth should be taken.

After measuring the teeth, the mould is expected to be ready.

The waiting period is usually one week. After a patient passes, the patient must go to the clinic for rehearsal. With the trial, the suitability of the teeth for the patient is checked. If it is found to be suitable, the veneer process begins. Adhesion of the veneer takes approximately two hours. Thus, the dental treatment is completed.

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