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WestModern Clinic provides quality and reliable healthcare services for aesthetic procedures, dental health, and oral care. Continuing its active service life in Turkey since 12 years, the clinic also provides health services for foreign nationals abroad. Assisting in following international standards, WestModern Clinic has always been reliable in health services.

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Root canal treatment may be needed in cases such as spontaneous pain in the teeth, pain that worsens at night and cannot be relieved by painkillers, long-term pain in the teeth triggered by external factors such as cold, heat or contact with the tooth, swelling around the tooth, gums or lymph nodes in the area.

Regular and correct maintenance should be done in order for the dentures to be clean, spotless and have a good appearance. Prostheses should be cleaned daily in order to have a long life and good oral and dental health. Otherwise, bacterial plaque and bad breath may occur. Conditions such as gum diseases and deformation of the prosthesis may be encountered. Prosthetic teeth should be brushed with special toothpastes with low abrasive properties and using a soft toothbrush. Hard-to-reach parts should be cleaned using an interface brush. Prosthetic teeth can also be cleaned by dropping them into a glass of water with a special cleaning tablet. At this time, care should be taken to use warm water.

The content is strengthened by using extremely durable composite material in aesthetic fillings. Therefore, they are long-lasting and do not cause any problems with durability. As long as correct and regular oral care is performed, aesthetic fillings can be used.

Implant application is completed in 3-4 months on average. However, if there are different treatments that need to be applied individually, the time may be extended.

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