Rhinoplasty means nose surgery. People who want to have nose surgery and have a new nose may prefer this treatment. This treatment can be done by applying different methods. However, as in all rhinoplasty treatments in general, this is a surgical method.

Aesthetic specialists and surgeons can apply many methods for nose replacement. One of them is rhinoplasty surgery. Nose surgery is an operation that is used directly to change the nose. This operation is performed as an operation in the company of plastic surgeons.

What is Rhinoplasty? What Does It Do?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical method applied to patients who want a nose aesthetic. In this method, patients can have a new nose as surgery. In this surgery, performed by aesthetic surgeons, the problems that disturb the patient due to nasal bones, cartilage and other physical issues are eliminated. In this way, patients can have a new nose appearance.

The nose is one of the most exciting areas on the face. For this reason, negative situations in the nose area that disturb individuals aesthetically can cause many problems. Today, it is possible to get rid of many aesthetic problems, especially in the nose area, with the methods applied by plastic surgeries. Operations are usually performed in the surgical and aesthetic treatments applied to the nose area.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

The rhinoplasty procedure is performed in the form of surgery under the guidance of a doctor. It is a must for every patient who wants to have rhinoplasty surgery to undergo a surgical operation. In nose surgery, before and after the procedure is essential. The correct preparation of the patient for the operation and the protection of the treated nose in the subsequent processes after the operation are of great importance for the success of the aesthetic procedure.

In the nose surgery procedure, the aesthetic surgeon first examines the patient. In line with the mutual exchange of ideas, the applications to be made to the nose are determined. Accordingly, other treatments are started to be applied on the day of surgery. At this point, many points, such as the nose’s nasal skin and internal and external structure, are examined before the surgery. Local anaesthesia is completed if simple procedures are performed during the surgery. If the procedures are heavy and complex, the operation is performed while the patient is under anaesthesia.

Today, two types of nose surgery are preferred by patients. ; It is open and closed nose surgery treatment.

What Is Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure?

In the closed rhinoplasty method, the operation is performed without the need to open the soft tissues in the nose. This method is one of the most preferred surgical options recently. In this treatment, which is applied with the closed technique, the operation is performed without opening the nose of the patient.

Open rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is the realization of aesthetics by opening the area called columella between the holes in the lower part of the nose. Although the patient generally prefers which of the two methods, the patient should be suitable for the treatment. It is impossible to decide which way to prefer without being examined by plastic surgeons.

How Much Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Istanbul prices are explicitly determined for each patient in line with many factors. The reason for this is that the patient’s aesthetic problems in the nose area are different and the surgical method to be applied to each patient varies accordingly. In general, the price information is determined after the first treatment by the doctors.

For this reason, to access the price information, you should have the first examination and get the price after the treatments are determined. Rhinoplasty in Turkey costs is generally between 3500 $ and 6000 $ in 2022. Prices may vary due to many factors.

Why is Aesthetic Nose Surgery Performed?

There are many reasons why aesthetic nose surgery or other rhinoplasty treatments are preferred. These are generally aesthetic concerns and problems today. However, in some cases, nose surgery may be preferred due to various respiratory and similar health problems. The reasons for choosing nose surgery  treatment are as follows;

  • Congenital aesthetic problems in the nose area
  • Developmental deformities from childhood
  • Structural defects
  • Similar health problems such as shortness of breath and snoring
  • Nose size
  • Discomfort with the appearance of the nose
  • Large or small nostrils
  • Nose tip problems

In line with the above reasons, nose surgery is preferred to correct these problems. Nose surgery treatment is one of the most preferred aesthetic treatments today.